How Credits Work

How Credits Work

This E-learning platform uses credits to allow you to purchase modules and programmes. This allows users to have greater control over when and how training is selected and takes place. If you’re part of a larger organisation then credits allow those who look after Learning and Development to manage resources.

The basis for credits is this:

1 credit allows 1 user to access 1 module as much as required for 30 days

This includes access to all of the course videos, materials, online test and certificate of completion.
If there is a programme of 8 modules then it would require 8 credits to purchase this programme. The length of programmes is longer than 30 days because of the amount of time it would take to view several modules.

Credits can be purchased whenever required and last for 365 days.

If you have a Training Managers account then you can purchase credits and allocate these to users within your account. If they don’t get used (i.e. the user leaves the organisation) then the Training Manager can re-allocate these credits to other users.

If you have any queries relating to credits then please contact one of the team –